January 2018 / N° 15850

Product: Cover + Cover Story

Project: Person of the year

Magazine: Time Magazine, USA

Photography: Billy & Hells

represented by: Marlene Ohlsson Photographers

Models: Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, Sandra Pezqueda,
Blaise Godbe, Susan Fowler and many more

January 2018 / N° 15849

Photography: Uwe Düttmann

January 2018 / N° 15848

Project: Max Raabe

Magazine: Arte Magazin

Photography: Heiko Richard

represented by: NERGER M&O

Production: Claas Cropp Creative Productions

Post Production: vividgrey
Photo Editor: Antonia Hrastar

January 2018 / N° 15847

Client: Jan Kath

Product: Carpets

Project: Erased Heritage campaign #02

Photography: Lars Langemeier

represented by: Anette Blase

Agency: Oktober Kommunikation
Marketing: Dimo Feldmann

January 2018 / N° 15846

Client: Miele

Photography: Jochen Arndt

represented by: Rockenfeller & Göbels

Food Styling: Natasha van Velzen

represented by: Basics

Prop Styling: Nici Theuerkauf

January 2018 / N° 15845

Client: Pantaleon Pictures / Warner Bros. Entertainment

Project: Billboard Release Poster

Photography: Stephan Rabold

January 2018 / N° 15844

Client: BMW

Product: X2

Photography: Emir Haveric

represented by: Klein Photographen

Production: SONDA Productions

Producer: Werner Dürsteler
Agency: Jung von Matt / Serviceplan
Art Direction: Kristian Joshi, Georg Verhasselt

January 2018 / N° 15843

Client: Subito

Project: Print campaign

Photography, CGI, Post Production: Hyperactive Studio

represented by: Andrea Heberger

Production: Hyperactive Studio

represented by: Andrea Heberger

January 2018 / N° 15842

Product: Kayser / Porsche - »Werkseinsatz«

Photography: Frank Kayser

Project: Die großen 24-Stunden-Rennen,
LeMans, Daytona, Nürburgring
Publisher: Delius Klasing, Germany
Art Direction: Michael Geisler

January 2018 / N° 15841

Client: Impressionen

Product: Homewear & Yoga Winter 2017

Photography: Blasius Erlinger

represented by: Hille Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Josephin Martens

represented by: Bigoudi

Styling: Christina Holzum
Model: Sophie Stroebele (Mega Models)

January 2018 / N° 15840

Client: BMW

Project: BMW 6 series Seoul

Photography: Andreas Hempel

represented by: Kelly Kellerhoff

Production: Image Nation

Agency: Serviceplan / CoC Artwork

Post Production : Rheinart

January 2018 / N° 15839

Project: Gipsy Lovestory

Magazine: L'Officiel, Azerbaijan

Photography: Ava Pivot

Hair Make-Up: Berenice Ammann
Styling: Haniball Saliba
Post Production: Kushtrim Kunushevci
Models: Paul Boche (Nest Models),
Atikah Karim (Viva Models)

January 2018 / N° 15838

Product: Defender

Project: Adventure Iceland

Photography: Patrick Curtet

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

January 2018 / N° 15837

Client: Zalando / Levis

Hair Make-Up: Anna Neugebauer

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Vitali Gelwich

January 2018 / N° 15836

Client: BMW AG

Product: BMW M5 Performance Edition

Photography: Stefan Reeh

represented by: MO Management

Production: SONDA Productions

Post Production: Rheinart
Agency: Hillert und Co.

Creative Direction: W. Block

January 2018 / N° 15835

Client: ING-DiBa, Austria

Project: Free giro account

Agency: Vice, Austria

Photography: Christoph Spranger

represented by: NERGER M&O

January 2018 / N° 15834

Project: Bed Hair Day

Magazine: Cocoon

Photography: Tim Petersen

represented by: Lila Management

Creative Direction, Styling: Brigitte Margareta Wilhelm
Hair Make-Up: Steffen Zoll

January 2018 / N° 15833

Client: Trigema

Project: Catalogue + website AW17

Photography: Seifert Uebler

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Hair: Sabrina Aigner
Styling: Lisa Pfasch
Production: Panorama Production

January 2018 / N° 15832

Client: Metropolitan

Project: Image campaign

Photography: Elizaveta Porodina

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Hair: Mustafa Yanaz  (Ballsaal)
Make-Up: Anastasia Durasova (The Wallgroup)
Styling: Nadia Rath (Ballsaal )
Models: Codie Young (Muse Models),
Daniel Walters (Q Management)
Production: Fill in the Blank

January 2018 / N° 15831

Client: W=Hb²

Product: La formule secrete

Photography: Studio Mierswa-Kluska

Film Production: mplusk-films

January 2018 / N° 15830

Client: Just Eat

Agency: Bloom, Ireland

Post Production: Walter MacLachlan

represented by: Andrea Heberger

January 2018 / N° 15829

Client: Die Grünen

Project: Monika Heinold & Robert Habeck

Hair Make-Up: Claudia Wegener-Bracht

Photography: Dominik Butzmann

January 2018 / N° 15828

Magazine: GQ

Photography: Max von Treu

represented by: Kathrin Hohberg

January 2018 / N° 15827

Magazine: VT Wonen, Netherlands

Photography: Jeroen van der Spek

represented by: STILLSTARS

Styling: Cleo Scheulderman

January 2018 / N° 15826

Photography: Christian Stoll

represented by: BRANSCH EUROPE

January 2018 / N° 15825

Client: Hilcona

Project: Hilcona Pasta Pairing

Photography: Thorsten kleine Holthaus

Food Styling: Heiko Antoniewicz

January 2018 / N° 15824

Client: Volkswagen AG

Product: New Polo

Photography: Jan Eric Euler

represented by: UPFRONT

Post Production: Andreas Doria

represented by: UPFRONT

Agency: DDB Hamburg / adam&eveDDB
Art Direction: Pascal Helmreich
Art Buying: Behind the scenes
Production: ANORAK film

January 2018 / N° 15823

Client: Wiesergut, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria

Photography: Günter Standl

January 2018 / N° 15822

Client: Porsche

Photography: Magnus Winter

represented by: BRANSCH EUROPE

January 2018 / N° 15821

Client: Audi

Product: RS4

Photography: Jürgen Berderow

represented by: Klaus Stiegemeyer

Production: Claas Cropp Creative Productions

January 2018 / N° 15820

Project: Felix Neureuther

Magazine: Stern

Photography: Frank Bauer

Art Direction: Frances Uckermann
Picture Editor: Lisa Meinen

January 2018 / N° 15819

Project: Bastian Pastewka

Magazine: DB Mobil

Photography: Tobias Schult

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

January 2018 / N° 15818

Client: Ulla Popken

Product: Sport

Project: Iceland

Production: 70seven

Photography: Enno Gellner
Hair: Timo Pravitianos
Styling: Sabine Bauer
Model: Michelle de Villiers

January 2018 / N° 15817

Client: Gucci

Product: Pre Fall '18

Model: Aline Dentler (IZAIO Management)

Photography: Peter Schlesinger
Styling: Jonathan Kaye

January 2018 / N° 15816

Client: Skoda International

Photography: Michael Haegele

represented by: Rockenfeller & Göbels

Post Production: Finearbeit Düsseldorf

January 2018 / N° 15815

Project: personal work

Photography: Miriam Lindthaler


Make-Up: Karina Asmus
Styling: Stefanie Schmidt

January 2018 / N° 15814

Client: Schweppes

Photography: Kajetan Kandler

represented by: wildfox running

Agency: GlückBerlin
Art Direction + Creative Direction: Birgit Schuster
Production: StinkBerlin
Hair Make-Up: Verena von der Heyden
Styling Wardrobe: Ingken Benesch

January 2018 / N° 15813

Photography: Lina Grün

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

On stay in Capetown Jan - March 2018

January 2018 / N° 15812

Project: Götz Schwan

Magazine: Der Feinschmecker, Germany

Photography: David Maupilé

January 2018 / N° 15811

Project: »42nd & Vanderbilt«

Photography: Peter Funch

represented by: Emeis Deubel

January 2018 / N° 15810

Magazine: SZ Magazin

Photography + Set Design: Studio Likeness

represented by: Klaus Stiegemeyer

Illustration: Sebastian Jung

January 2018 / N° 15809

Client: Seiko

Product: glasses

Photography: Tomaso Baldessarini

represented by: Kelly Kellerhoff

Model: Mari (INDEED Models)

Hair Make-Up: Rolando Kasper
Styling: Agnes Friedrich
Agency: Große Liebe, Germany
Art Direction: Anke Ebeling Hennings,
Sebastian Sahr

January 2018 / N° 15808

Client: Porsche

Agency: Kemper Kommunikation, Germany

Art Direction: Zoran Vasic

Creative Direction: Julia Fuhl

Photography: Marc and David

represented by: SCHIERKE COM/

Make-Up: Jenny Bonbon
Post Production: NPIXO

January 2018 / N° 15807

Client: Picture Press

Project: Sabrina White Actress Portrait

Photography: Frank P. Wartenberg

Post Production: Ben PPR

January 2018 / N° 15806

Project: »Hanami«

Photography: Joscha Kinstner

Post Production: Nicola Cafantaris (Harvest
Digital Agriculture)

January 2018 / N° 15805

Agency: FCB Hamburg

Art Buying: Nana Scholz

Photography: Jan Kornstaedt

represented by: NERGER M&O

January 2018 / N° 15804

Photography: Marco Trunz

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Hair Make-Up: Patrick Susic (Nina Klein)
Styling: Jessica Klimach (Nina Klein)
Model: Ava McAvoy

January 2018 / N° 15803

Client: CropEnergies

Project: Annual report

Photography: Marc Dietenmeier

Agency: Trio-Group
Creative Direction: Johanna v. Rumohr

January 2018 / N° 15802

Magazine: Stern

Art Production: WE LOVE artbuying

Photographie: Tim Petersen
Styling: Kalle Hildinger (Ballsaal)
Hair Make-Up: Julia Junglas (Ballsaal)

January 2018 / N° 15801

Project: Dynamic Duos

Magazine: Emmy Magazine

Photography: Sandro Baebler

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

January 2018 / N° 15800

Magazine: Harper's Bazaar, Bulgaria

Hair Make-Up: Boris Rieker

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Tamara Arne
Actress: Maria Palm

January 2018 / N° 15799

Photography: Victor S. Brigola