March 2018 / N° 16129

Project: Personal Work

Photography: Uwe Düttmann

March 2018 / N° 16128

Client: Kaja Holland Konzeptschmuck

Project: 925 Calories

Photography: Volker Wenzlawski

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

Post Production: Telse Faust

March 2018 / N° 16127

Client: Marco Tozzi

Project: Spring / Summer 2018

Agency: Wynken Blynken & Nod

Photography: Roger Weber

Styling: Tini Rathe

Hair Make-Up: Violetta Kampf

represented by: Bigoudi

Art Production + Casting: WE LOVE artbuying

March 2018 / N° 16126

Photography: Christian Schmidt

represented by: Claudia Bitzer

March 2018 / N° 16125

Client: Audi AG

Product: Audi A7

Project: International catalogue + campaign

Photography: Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch

Production: WIDE Production+ Matthias Pretzsch

Post Production: TREY Studio
Agency: Philipp & Keuntje
Art Direction: Ines Gerlach
Creative Direction: Gritt Pfefferkorn
Art Buying: Karen Schwarzer

March 2018 / N° 16124

Magazine: Conde Nast Traveller, UK

Photography: Elizaveta Porodina

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Hair Make-Up: Stella von Senger
Styling: Fiona Joseph
Model: Codie Young (Muse Models NY)

March 2018 / N° 16123

Project: La variation ultra moderne d'un rêve glamour

Magazine: Madame Figaro, France

Photography: Esther Haase

Post Production: elektronische schönheit

Hair: Maxime Macé
Make-Up: Topolino
Styling: Agnès Poulle
Model: Blanca Padilla (Next Model Management)
Art Direction: William Stoddart

March 2018 / N° 16122

Client: BMW

Product: i8 Roadster + Coupé

CGI + Post Production: RECOM

Photography: Jeff Ludes
Agency: Serviceplan
Art Direction: Gereon Stratmann
Creative Direction: Jan Grothklags,
Sebastien Stabenau

March 2018 / N° 16121

Client: Ovvo Optics

Product: Contempo

Project: Online Campaign

Photography: Ava Pivot

Hair Make-Up: Servulo
Post Production: Kushtrim Kunushevci
Models: Sigurd Colsman, Sara Mey (Tune Models)

March 2018 / N° 16120

Magazine: Numero, Russia

Hair: Boris Rieker

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Tamara Arne

March 2018 / N° 16119

Project: Skin

Photography: Det Kempke

represented by: Double T Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Karina Asmus
Model: Constanze Witze
Post Production: Krystina Woldanowski

March 2018 / N° 16118

Client: Baldessarini

Photography: Nadia von Scotti

represented by: Klein Photographen

Models: Ric Wersig, Lion Wagner
Art Direction: Andre Joel Bots

March 2018 / N° 16117

Client: Daimler AG

Product: Mercedes G-Class

Project: campaign and brochure

Agency: Antoni, Germany

Art Direction: David Scherer

Creative Direction: Tilman Gossner

Photography: Markus Wendler

Post Production: [zerone]

Production: Tim Michel

March 2018 / N° 16116

Photography: Murat Aslan

represented by: UPFRONT

Client: #nevernotworking
Product: Prädikat Heimat
Project: On Stay In Brandenburg
Post Production: Lightroom

March 2018 / N° 16115

Client: Audi

Product: Audi Quattro

Agency: thjnk

Photography: Tim Adler

represented by: Emeis Deubel

Production: Peak Productions

March 2018 / N° 16114

Client: Appelrath & Cüpper

Project: Spring Summer 2018 Campaign

Photography: Felix Krüger

represented by: Lila Management

Agency: HARP
Art Direction + Styling: Ronald Becker
Hair Make-Up: Loni Baur

March 2018 / N° 16113

Client: Deutsche Bank

Photography: Magnus Winter

represented by: BRANSCH EUROPE

March 2018 / N° 16112

Client: Kia Motors

Product: Kia Rio + Forte

Photography: Steffen Jahn

Post Production: [zerone]

Production: Ink & Oranges
Agency: David & Goliath, USA
Creative Direction: Andrea Schindler

March 2018 / N° 16111

Project: Xploreyourfit by Sinah

Photography: Jan Eric Euler

represented by: UPFRONT

Model: Sinah (Elace)

March 2018 / N° 16110

Client: Tecta

Project: Key Visual 2018

Photography: Thomas Ternes

Creative Direction: Tobias Groß
Production: Janek Grahmann
Post Production: Digitales Leben

March 2018 / N° 16109

Photography: Armin Zogbaum

represented by: Marlene Ohlsson Photographers

Styling: Ulrike Miebach (Nina Klein)

March 2018 / N° 16108

Client: Volkswagen AG

Photography: Tobias Habermann

represented by: NERGER M&O

Production: WIDE Production

Post Production: 
: Grabarz & Partner
Art Direction: 
Melanie Landwehr,
Jasmin Remmers, Alexander Harder
Creative Direction: 
Christoph Stricker
Art Buying
: Anusha Atreya
Project: The all new VW up! GTI photographed in
the streets of Berlin.

March 2018 / N° 16107

Photography: Seb Michel

represented by: Andrea Heberger

Hair: Lila B.
Make-Up: Fred Bouffet
Models: Michaela Karakova
Production + Post Production: La Succursale

March 2018 / N° 16106

Client: Behörde für Umwelt und Energie

Creative Direction + Photography: Christoph Siegert

March 2018 / N° 16105

Client: Swisscanto

Project: Swisscanto Invest

Styling: Tanja Becker

Hair Make-Up: Tricia Le Hanne

Production: LUNIK

Photography: Noë Flum

March 2018 / N° 16104

Magazine: Vogue, Italy

Model: Princess Gollum (IZAIO Management)

Photography: Lois Cohen
Art Direction: Indiana Roma Voss

March 2018 / N° 16103

Project: Nightflight

Photography: Bernd Opitz

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Gabriella Opitz

Post Production: Studio Opitz

Models: Celia, Majid (MGM)

March 2018 / N° 16102

Client: Bitten Stetter

Project: AW 17/18

Hair Make-Up: Claudia Wegener-Bracht

Photography: Gulliver Theis

March 2018 / N° 16101

Client: Menrad Eyewear

Project: campaign Spring/Summer 2018

Photography: Johannes Graf

represented by: Hille Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Arzu Kücük (Phönix Agency)
Styling: Valentina Milacovic (Fame Agency)
Models: Alina H. (Munich Models),
Quentin Emery (Louisa Models)

March 2018 / N° 16100

Product: Toyota Tacoma TRD

Project: Get Dirty or Go Home

Photography: Willie von Recklinghausen

Production: Found Production
Post Production: Harvest Digital Agriculture

March 2018 / N° 16099

Client: Unger

Product: Uzwei by Unger

Photography: Tristan Rösler


Art Direction: Danaja Vegeli
Hair Make-Up: Tina Hoffmann
Styling: Jessica Heinemann
Model: Claire Collins (IMG Models)

March 2018 / N° 16098

Project: Artists Portraits - Movie Cast »Bibi & Tina«

Magazine: BILD, Germany

Publisher: Axel Springer SE

Art Buying: Christian Langbehn

Photography: Frank P. Wartenberg

Models: Detlev Buck, Lina Larissa Strahl,
Lisa-Marie Koroll
Production: Lighthouse Productions
Post Production: Ben PPR / Julia Schwendner

March 2018 / N° 16097

Photography: Liz von Hoene

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

March 2018 / N° 16096

Client: mytheresa

Photography: Patrick Houi

represented by: Marlene Ohlsson Photographers

March 2018 / N° 16095

Magazine: Elle Decoration

Photography: Jeroen van der Spek

represented by: STILLSTARS

Styling: Cleo Scheulderman  

March 2018 / N° 16094

Model: Regina (elbmodels)

Photography: Torsten Gülstorf
Make-Up: Udo Farnschläder

March 2018 / N° 16093

Project: Car of the Year 2018

Magazine: Stern

Publisher: Gruner + Jahr

Photography: Alexander Babic

March 2018 / N° 16092

Client: Targobank AG

Project: Employer Branding Campaign

Photography: Oliver Tjaden

March 2018 / N° 16091

Magazine: Stern, Germany

Photography: Jan Burwick

represented by: wildfox running

Food Styling: Volker Hobl
Photo Editor: Frank Dietz

March 2018 / N° 16090

Project: Toni Kroos

Photography: Christian Brecheis

Post Production: POP.

March 2018 / N° 16089

Client: Württembergische Versicherung

Agency: Jung von Matt

Photography: Johannes Mink

Production: Claas Cropp Creative Productions

Make-Up: Mirjam Martino (Klaus Stiegemeyer)
Styling: Christina Holzum (Klaus Stiegemeyer)

March 2018 / N° 16088

Client: Maggi

Agency: Publicis Pixelpark

Photography: Tobias Schult

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

March 2018 / N° 16087

Client: Continental AG

Photography: Jann Klee

represented by: Banrap Photographers

Make-Up: Claudia Cammann (Liganord)

Post Production: Markus Behrens
Agency: wrDesign communication AG
Creative Director: Christian Kahl
Account Manager: Karina Mehlis

March 2018 / N° 16086

Project: Manatee

Photography: Kajetan Kandler

represented by: wildfox running

March 2018 / N° 16085

Project: Fischer Modebuch

Casting: Juergen Schabes

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Alexx & Anton
Model: Nimue Smit

March 2018 / N° 16084

Project: Youth Development Program with RB Leipzig

Agency: Kemper Kommunikation

Art Direction: Zoran Vasic

Photography: Rasmus Kaessmann

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Production: Agentur Neubauer Prod. GmbH
Make-Up: Mela von Winter

March 2018 / N° 16083

Client: McDonald's

Project: Joe Bastiannich - »My Choice«

Photography + Post Production: Hyperactive Studio

represented by: Andrea Heberger

March 2018 / N° 16082

Client: BMW Alpina

Product: D4

Photography: Frederic Schlosser

represented by: UPFRONT

March 2018 / N° 16081

Client: Silhouette

Product: Eyewear

Photography: Serge Guerand

represented by: Klein Photographen

Hair Make-Up: Wolfgang Lindenhofer
Styling: Nadia Rath
Production: New Moon
Prop Styling: Isabel Garcia
Agency: d. signwerk, Germany
Art Direction: Peter Schmid