October 2017 / N° 15504

Client: Strellson

Photography: Pasquale Abbattista

represented by: Lila Management

Grooming: Gregor Makris

represented by: Bigoudi

October 2017 / N° 15503

Photography: Volker Wenzlawski

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

October 2017 / N° 15502

Client: Scotch & Scoda

Photography: Elisabeth Toll

represented by: NERGER M&O

October 2017 / N° 15501

Project: Heaven's Speech

Matte Painting + Retouching: Joao M. Britto

represented by: Andrea Heberger

October 2017 / N° 15500

Product: Maserati Ghibli

Photography: Alexander Babic

Post Production: Gloss

October 2017 / N° 15499

Project: Stefanie Giesinger

Magazine: Nylon, Germany

Photography: Felix Krüger

represented by: Lila Management

Hair Make-Up: Janina Zais
Styling: Nina Petters
Production: Turid Reinicke

October 2017 / N° 15498

Client: Hoffmann

Agency: Publicis, Munich

Art Direction: Katrin Maier

Creative Direction: Daniel Wilhelms

Photography: Robert Brembeck

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Liselotte Christiansen
Production: Agentur Neubauer Prod. GmbH

October 2017 / N° 15497

Magazine: Vanity Teen

Photography: Johannes Graf

represented by: Hille Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Dirk Neuhöfer (Nina Klein)
Styling: Haniball Saliba  (Tom Folwarkow)
Model: Paul Krause (M4 Models)
Post Production: Ramona Reuter

October 2017 / N° 15496

Project: Street Portraits

Photography: Martin Bühler

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

October 2017 / N° 15495

Client: Sloggi

Project: A/W 2017

Photography: Emily Winiker

represented by: Emeis Deubel

October 2017 / N° 15494

Product: Audi R8 V10

Photography: Thomas Schorn

represented by: Banrap Photographers

Post Production: Peter Ruebenian (Digitales Leben)

October 2017 / N° 15493

Project: Woolrich X Highsnobiety

Model: Leroy Aiyanyo (IZAIO Management)

Photography: Ahmed Chrediy

October 2017 / N° 15492

Product: Fish / Food

Magazine: Walden Magazine

Photography: Andreas Reimann (747 Studios)

Styling: Root Amp Kitchen

October 2017 / N° 15491

Project: The Ice Swimmers of Ozerki, Russia

Photography: Florian Groehn

October 2017 / N° 15490

Client: Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

Photography: Sebastian Burgold

represented by: Kelly Kellerhoff

Agentur: Ressourcenmangel
Art Direction: Nikolas Höfer

Creative Direction: Alf Frommer

October 2017 / N° 15489

Client: Volkswagen

Project: VW Instagram

Photography: Frank Linders

Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Germany
Art Direction: Katharina Batram
Styling: Steffa Superheilig
Models: Klara, Oscar, Michelle
Animals: Paul + Moritz (Eberkopf)

October 2017 / N° 15488

Magazine: Focus, Germany

Art Direction: Dirk Meycke

Photography: Kathrin Makowski

represented by: Klein Photographen

Post Production: elektronische schönheit

Make-Up: Alexander Hofmann
Styling: Alexander Posch
Model: Patrick Caroll (Promod)

October 2017 / N° 15487

Magazine: BMW Magazin

Publisher: HoCa-X

Post Production: die bildproduktion

Photography: Simon Puschmann
Art Direction: Juliane Schöndube
Creative Direction: Dirk Linke

October 2017 / N° 15486

Client: Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Project: Recruiting campaign

Photography: Klaus Merz

represented by: Klein Photographen

Post Production: Image Refinery

Hair Make-Up: Peggy Kurka (Liganord)
Models: Employees
Agency: Serviceplan Berlin
Art Direction: Marlon Knispel
Creative Direction: Felix Roy

October 2017 / N° 15485

Magazine: L'Officiel, Azerbaijan

Photography: Laura Palm

represented by: Marlene Ohlsson Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Katja Maaßen (Liganord)
Model: Jennifer Gilmore (Core Models)

October 2017 / N° 15484

Client: EHC RedBull München

Product: Icehockey Season Documentary

Project: Photo Book Release

Photography: Christian Brecheis

Book Teaser Video: https://vimeo.com/234712191

October 2017 / N° 15483

Client: Solid Line

Product: Electric Super Sports Motorcycle

Project: Gauss

Photography: Lars Langemeier

represented by: Anette Blase

Post Production: [zerone]

October 2017 / N° 15482

Model: Barbara L. (elbmodels)

Photography: Christine Lutz
Make-Up: Aennikin
Styling: Leonie Tannenberg

October 2017 / N° 15481

Product: BMW 1er

Project: Adam

Photography: Marc and David

represented by: SCHIERKE COM/

October 2017 / N° 15480

Magazine: S-Magazin, Spiegel

Hair Make-Up: Gabrielle Theurer

represented by: Basics

Photography: Karel Kuehne

October 2017 / N° 15479

Magazine: Prestige Switzerland

Photography: Michael Munique

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Oliver Rauh

Hair: Sigi Kumpfmüller (Uschi Rabe)
Make-Up: Verena Heller
Model: Ann Christin (M4 Models)
Production: Oliver Rauh
Post Production: Gold

October 2017 / N° 15478

Project: BWD

Photography: Daniel Cramer

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

Post Production: Grit Hackenberg

October 2017 / N° 15477

Project: Infinite Moment in Time

Photography: Fabian Oefner

represented by: STILLSTARS

October 2017 / N° 15476

Client: Blanchet

Photography: Cem Guenes


Styling + Set Design: Kathleen A.

represented by: Basics

Models: Eric (4Play Model Management),

Verena (Procast), Kristiane, Felix (ixme),
Production: Wolkn Productions
Hair Make-Up: Melanie Schöne (Nina Klein)
Agency: taste!
Art Direction: We Art Agency

October 2017 / N° 15475

Client: Deckert Mester Architekten

Photography: Victor S. Brigola

October 2017 / N° 15474

Client: dm

Project: Emilia Schüle

Photography: David Maupilé

Hair: Philipp Koch Verheyen
Styling: Dana Roski
Production: Bastian Will

October 2017 / N° 15473

Client: Sebastien Izambard

Project: CD Album Cover

Photography: Mario Schmolka

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

October 2017 / N° 15472

Project: Portrait Virginie Lentulus

Photography: Christoph Musiol

Model: Virginie Lentulus (IZAIO Management)

Hair Make-Up: Maria Ehrlich

October 2017 / N° 15471

Client: Arla

Product: Hansano

Project: Frische Briese

Photography: Henning Heide

Hair Make-Up: Ina Mühlhaus

Production: WE LOVE artbuying

Model: Katja (Oomo)
Agency: BrawandRieken
Art Direction: Moritz Hackeloeer

October 2017 / N° 15470

Client: PostFinance

Agency: Y & R Group, Switzerland

Photography: Gerhard Linnekogel

represented by: i2i photo com (USA), SCHIERKE COM/ (Europe)

October 2017 / N° 15469

Magazine: Volvo Magazin

Photography: Magnus Winter

represented by: BRANSCH EUROPE

October 2017 / N° 15468

Client: Porsche Design

Project: Fall / Winter 2017

Photography: Ben Lamberty

Art Production + Casting: WE LOVE artbuying

Hair Make-Up: Ischrak Nitschke (Klaus Stiegemeyer)
Styling: Yulia Zimmermann

October 2017 / N° 15467

Photography: Elizaveta Porodina

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Hair Make-Up: Stella von Senger
Styling: Wiebke Broeker
Models: Jip Bostart, Soetkin van Look

October 2017 / N° 15466

Project: Martin

Photography: Matthias Wehofsky

represented by: Julia Waldmann

Hair Make-Up: Klara Stark
Styling: Gal Sherizly
Model: Martin (Facelent Berlin)

October 2017 / N° 15465

Client: Heineken

Project: Rugby Club

Agency: Rothco, Ireland

CGI: Walter MacLachlan

represented by: Andrea Heberger

October 2017 / N° 15464

Client: Haniel

Agency: Silvestergroup

Photography: Katja Velmans

Make-Up: Viola Finkenrath

October 2017 / N° 15463

Client: CSG International

Photography: Jonathan Chapman

represented by: Paula Gren

Hair: Ashlee Ellert (The Gren Group)
Styling: Janna Chin
Production: Matthew Slimmer
Post Production: CoElement
Agency: Yamamoto, Minneapolis
Art Direction: Meky Wong
Creative Direction: Jon Trettel

October 2017 / N° 15462

Client: Sport Conrad

Product: Catalogue & Online

Project: Iceland

Photography: Rasmus Kaessmann

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Post Production: Retouching de Luxe

Make-Up: Anna Ploch
Styling: Belinda Klaus
Production: Agentur Neubauer Prod. GmbH
Agency: Nagel Werbeagentur, Germany
Art Direction: Kathrin Koenig, Michaela Huter

October 2017 / N° 15460

Client: Kampnagel

Project: Juan Dominguez

Photography: Peter Hönnemann

Post Production: elektronische schönheit

Hair: Erika Neumann
Styling: Peter Hönnemann
Model: Juan Dominguez

October 2017 / N° 15459

Client: Audi AG

Product: R8

Photography: Agnieszka Doroszewicz

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

Production: Angelika Synek Fotoproduktion

Agency: Philipp & Keuntje
Art Direction: Andreas Knapp
Art Buying: Karen Schwarzer

October 2017 / N° 15458

Client: Boom Watches

Styling: Natalie Olenheim

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Jörgen Brennicke

October 2017 / N° 15457

Client: Audi AG

Product: Audi A8

Project: Audi A8 International Ad Campaign

Photography: Holger Wild

Production: WIDE Production

Post Production: [zerone]

Agency: DDB, Barcelona
Creative Direction: Quito Leal

October 2017 / N° 15456

Magazine: brand eins, Germany

Photography: Markus Burke

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Model: Rapper Xatar

October 2017 / N° 15455

Client: Mister Spex

Project: Autumn Winter Campaign 2017/18

Photography: Tobias Wirth


Styling: Fabiana Vardaro

represented by: Basics

Make-Up: Christina Moissl (Nina Klein)

October 2017 / N° 15454

Project: Aromatics in White

Photography: Michael Brunn

represented by: STILLSTARS

October 2017 / N° 15453

Client: Billionaire Couture

Project: Campaign Autumn/Winter

Photography: Dylan Don

represented by: Marlene Ohlsson Photographers

October 2017 / N° 15452

Client: Hien Le

Styling: Paul Maximilian Schlosser

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Christoph Schaller

October 2017 / N° 15451

Client: Peek & Cloppenburg

Product: Season Opening-Highlight

Project: Campaign FW 2017 - Mens Fashion

Photography: Frank Widemann

represented by: Lila Management

Styling: Uli Holtschlag
Production: Luminosa

October 2017 / N° 15450

Magazine: Icon, Germany

Photography: Esther Haase

Hair Make-Up: Dennis Brandt

represented by: Bigoudi

Styling: Silja Lange
Models: Emma Laird (Models 1),
Talia Mathers (Select Models)
Post Production: Simon Fiege
Digital Tech: Lube Saveski
Production: The Production Factory

October 2017 / N° 15449

Project: The Case

Photography: Jörg Rothhaar

Styling: Iris Görling

Make-Up: Sabine Kleinsang
Model: Daniel Imasua (Modelwerk)

October 2017 / N° 15448

Client: Miele

Product: Dialoggarer

Photography: Michael Heinsen

Styling: Kirsten Schmidt

Make-Up: Steffanie Kroll (Liganord)

Food Styling: Raik Holst
Agency: Meta Design, Berlin
Art Direction: Ramona Stöcker
Creative Direction: Axel Zimmermann

October 2017 / N° 15447

Magazine: GQ, Germany

Photography: Robert Wunsch

represented by: Kai Tietz

Editor: Ulf Pape
Styling: Chantal Drywa-Wunsch
Grooming: Barbara Guillaume
Production: Jean Jarvis
Casting Agent: Anissa Payne

October 2017 / N° 15446

Client: Ermenegildo Zegna

Photography: Magnus Winter

represented by: BRANSCH EUROPE

October 2017 / N° 15445

Client: Rusken

Project: Don't throw trash

Agency: Kikkut, Norway

Photography: Rune Bendiksen

represented by: Andrea Heberger

Post Production: Wetouch Norway

October 2017 / N° 15444

Project: The Yellow Green

Photography: Markus Wendler

October 2017 / N° 15443

Client: Credit Suisse

Project: Digipiggys

Agency: Rod Kommunikation

Photography: Cecil Arp

represented by: Emeis Deubel

October 2017 / N° 15442

Client: Marvelis

Product: Shirts

Project: FW 17

Photography: Bernd Kammerer

Hair Make-Up: Kerstin Hajdu
Styling: Susi Bauer
Model: Zach Pricer
Agency: Paulas Art, Germany
Art Direction: Stephan Schneider
Creative Direction: Paula Keuler

October 2017 / N° 15441

Project: Jürgen Vogel

Magazine: Alps

Photography: Steffen Jänicke

represented by: Kelly Kellerhoff

Art Direction: Wolfgang Buß

October 2017 / N° 15440

Project: Lang Lang & Barbara Schöneberger

Magazine: Barbara, Germany

Photography: Benno Kraehahn

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

Styling for Lang Lang: Fabiana Vardaro

represented by: Basics

October 2017 / N° 15439

Client: smart

Project: the new smart electric drive

Photography: Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch

Agency: BBDO
Art Direction: Shelley Lui
Creative Direction: Fedja Kehl
Art Buying: Tanja Braune, Madeleine v. Hohenthal
Post Production: Holger Egbers

October 2017 / N° 15438

Project: Canadian Tuxedo

Magazine: Cosmopolitan

Photography: Anja Boxhammer

represented by: Hille Photographers

Make-Up: Ina Cierniak (Nina Klein)

Hair: Helge Branscheidt  (Klaus Stiegemeyer)
Styling + Production: Daoud Daftarie
Model: Stef van der Laan (Paparazzi Models)

October 2017 / N° 15437

Client: ramazani.flasht.berlin

Product: Rainer Fake

Project: Ikke für Alle

Agency: Christian Weisse Design Studio

Photography: Darius Ramazani

Model: Misfit Models Del Keens
Post Production: Ali Amirfakury
Copywriting: Alf Frommer

October 2017 / N° 15436

Client: Blanco Steelart

Product: Cronos

Photography: Bernd Opitz

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Gabriella Opitz

Production: Amsterdam Production Services
Post Production: Studio Opitz
Agency: Beaufort8, Germany
Creative Direction: Jonas Ruch

October 2017 / N° 15435

Client: Von Eden

Project: single release

Photography: Tobias Schult

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

October 2017 / N° 15434

Project: End of Summer Dinner Party in Berlin

Photography: Ragnar Schmuck

represented by: NERGER M&O

October 2017 / N° 15433

Client: Ownbrown

Photography: Tobias Gromatzki

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

Creative Direction: Gabriel Peisker

October 2017 / N° 15432

Magazine: Greenpeace Magazin

Photography: Joachim Baldauf

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Claudia Hofmann

Hair Make-Up: Stefan Kehl
Models: Jens Frank, Andreas Seyfarth (Laura Belle),
Daniel Thonn (Seeds)

October 2017 / N° 15431

Client: Upsolut Sports GmbH

Project: Curox

Photography: Diana Diederich

Production: Christian Toetzke, Moritz Fürste
Models: Mintra Mattison, Moritz Fürste,
Jacob Tilly, Imke Sallander

October 2017 / N° 15430

Client: Jägermeister

Project: Oktoberfest

Photography: Uwe Düttmann

Agency: D&P
Art Direction: Philipp Migeod
Creative Direction: Philip Borchardt

October 2017 / N° 15429

Photography: Christian Stoll

represented by: BRANSCH EUROPE

October 2017 / N° 15428

Client: Kai Dunkel Fashion

Model: Wolfgang (elbmodels)

October 2017 / N° 15427

Client: Rheinfels Quelle

Agency: Neptun Creativ-Team

Photography: Jörg Kritzer

Post Production: Lucie & Lisann

October 2017 / N° 15426

Magazine: Robb Report

Photography: Robert Grischek

represented by: Klein Photographen

Creative Direction: Robb Rice
Model: Jake Dyson

October 2017 / N° 15425

Client: Taxofit

Agency: Scholz & Friends

Photography: Tim Müller

Styling: Doreen Regel

represented by: Basics

Production: First Productions

Hair Make-Up: Lars Rüffert

October 2017 / N° 15424

Client: BMW

Photography: Max von Treu

represented by: Kathrin Hohberg

Make-Up: Birgit Schönau
Styling: Jürgen Claussen
Production: Add Pictures

October 2017 / N° 15423

Client: CDU

Photography: Adrian T Kubica

represented by: Banrap Photographers

Production: Uwe Hetzner
Post Production: PX1 Berlin
Agency: Jung von Matt /Havel
Creative Direction: David Mously
Art Direction: Nico auf dem Berge
Art Buying: Manja Tai von Mutzenbecher,
Geraldine Schröder

October 2017 / N° 15422

Magazine: M Magazine

Photography + Styling: Lars Ranek

represented by: STILLSTARS

Food: Nanna Simonsen

October 2017 / N° 15421

Client: Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag

Project: HR campaign

Photography: Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte

October 2017 / N° 15420

Photography: Günter Standl

Project: Walter Röhrl - german legendary
rallye driver

October 2017 / N° 15419

Project: Malgosia

Photography: Thomas Ternes

Creative Direction: Studio XO
Hair Make-Up: Anna Luft
Styling: Bettsy Knez
Post Production: Digitales Leben
Model: Malgosia

October 2017 / N° 15418

Client: Sennheiser

Photography: Per Kasch

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

Production: Nu Projects

Post Production: POP.

Art Direction: Christian Ruess
Creative Direction: Till Felber

October 2017 / N° 15417

Photography: Kajetan Kandler

represented by: wildfox running

Post Production: Zoot Postproduction

Production: Coo.Productions, Imagination
Hair Make-up: Tina Maucher
Styling: Alexa Dahmen

October 2017 / N° 15416

Client: ING DiBa Austria

Project: Das kostenlose Girokonto

Photography: Christoph Spranger

represented by: NERGER M&O

Hair Make-Up: Uschi Filipp
Styling: Julia Eisenburger
Production: Julia Hofer / MXR Productions
Post Production: Daniel Hager Postproduction
Agency: Virtue, Austria
Art Direction: Christin Schwendtner
Creative Direction: Dian Warsosumarto

October 2017 / N° 15415

Project: City Rebel

Magazine: Caleo Magazine

Photography: Ava Pivot

Hair: Florian Ferino (Ballsaal Artist Management)
Styling: Haniball Sanibal (Tom Folwarkow Management)
Model: Gerhard Freidl (Wiener Models)
Post Production: Virgil Hritcu

October 2017 / N° 15414

Client: Buhó

Project: Campaign Fall Winter 2017

Photography: Nina W. Melton

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Silvia Rademakers

Hair Make-Up: Emma Haussmann

Production: Setup Production Services

Models: Aroa, Marti (Sugar Kids)

October 2017 / N° 15413

Client: Kaufland

Photography: Antonios Mitsopoulos

Food Styling: Natasha van Velzen

represented by: Basics

October 2017 / N° 15412

Client: Stihl

Project: Catalogue 2017, Tuscany

Agency: Publicis Pixelpark

Art Direction: Sladjana Kostic

Photography: Stefan Schmid

Styling: Tini Rathe

Production: 70seven

Executive Producer: Philip Wichmann (747 Studios)

Post Production: 747 Studios

October 2017 / N° 15411

Client: Zero

Product: Fall/Winter 2017

Agency: Gley Rissom Thieme & Co

Photography: Nicole Neumann

represented by: Hille Photographers

Styling: Patrick Rinkel

Hair Make-Up: Agnesha Kollien

Model: Viviane (Modelwerk)
Production: Die Kameradinnen

October 2017 / N° 15410

Client: Globetrotter

Project: campaign

Photography: Florian Schüppel

represented by: Marlene Ohlsson Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Vanessa Warkalla (Nina Klein)
Styling: Nina Piatscheck

October 2017 / N° 15409

Client: Nescafé

Hair Make-Up: Karina Berg

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Guillaume Reynaud

October 2017 / N° 15407

Client: David Garrett

Photography: Christoph Köstlin

Make-Up: Katharina Handel

represented by: Basics

October 2017 / N° 15406

Client: Müller

Agency: Robilant Assoc., Italy

Photography + Post Production: Hyperactive Studio

represented by: Andrea Heberger