July 2019 / N° 18266

Client: Celine

Project: Celine Menswear A/W 2019

Location Scouting & Location Management: 

Claas Cropp Creative Productions

Photography: Hedi Slimane

July 2019 / N° 18265

Client: Miele

Photography: Jeroen van der Spek

represented by: STILLSTARS

Prop Styling: Maaike Koorman

represented by: STILLSTARS

Food Styling: Ajda Mehmet

July 2019 / N° 18264

Client: Porsche AG

Product: Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

Agency: KeKo, Germany

Photography: Torsten Klinkow

Production: Sven Laabs Productions
2D + 3D: Trey Post Production

July 2019 / N° 18263

Styling: Matteo Ortu

represented by: Basics

Hair Make-Up: Eva Dieckhoff

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography & Director: Maximilian Motel

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

Motion: Sadiq: https://vimeo.com/344744404

Nico: https://vimeo.com/344744438

Bernie Anker: https://vimeo.com/344744424

Winnie: https://vimeo.com/344744458

July 2019 / N° 18262

Client: Bentey

Product: New Flying Spur

Agency:  KeKo London, Great Britain

Creative Direction: Ian Ross

Photography: Marc Trautmann

represented by: SCHIERKE COM/

Production: Mammateam Productions

Post Production: Mainworks

July 2019 / N° 18261

Client: Steinway and Sons

Product: Black Diamond Piano

Project: Lang Lang

Photography: Holger Wild

Production: WIDE Production

Models: Lang Lang, Dakota Jackson
Agency: JuK von Zitzewitz, Germany
Art Direction: Holger Wild
Creative Direction: Friedrich von Zitzewitz

July 2019 / N° 18260

Product: Heist Shapewear

Magazine: Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

Photography: Markus Burke

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Hair Make-Up: Arzu Kücük
Model: Natasha (Le Management)

July 2019 / N° 18259

Project:  "Kristen Stewart & Lars Eidinger"

Magazine: Vogue, Germany

Photography: Ralph Mecke

Post Production: RECOM

July 2019 / N° 18258

Client: University of Applied Sciences Europe

Hair Make-Up: Katharina Handel

represented by: Basics

Photography: Axel Martens

July 2019 / N° 18257

Photography: Florian Bison

represented by: Klein Photographen

Model / Athlete: Erik Cederberg

July 2019 / N° 18256

Project:  new BEAUTY for ELLE

Magazine: Elle, Serbia

Photography: Julia Blank

represented by: FARIYAL KENNEL

Hair Make-Up: Kerstin Hajdu
Models: Julia (mihamodelmanagement)
Retouch: the visual craftroom

July 2019 / N° 18255

Client: AXA

Product: health care

Project: 'Wake up & save money'

Photography: Jonathan Heyer

represented by: UPFRONT

Agency: The House
Art Direction: Roger Dobmann
Creative Direction: Grischa Rubinick

July 2019 / N° 18254

Client: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Photography: Rodolphe Foucher

represented by: Andrea Heberger

July 2019 / N° 18253

Client: Toyota

Product: Toyota Corolla

Project: Corolla x Trek

Agency: The&Partnership, Great Britain

Production: Mana

Production Service:  Falca

Photography: Daniel Blom
Video: https://vimeo.com/342298829

July 2019 / N° 18252

Photography: Jan Kornstaedt

represented by: NERGER M&O

Styling: Pinny Daniel

Concept: Ully Berendt (FBI)
Art Work: Patrick Jahmann

July 2019 / N° 18251

Client: Kaufland

Photography: Jochen Manz

represented by: Rockenfeller & Göbels

Production: Claas Cropp Creative Productions

Producer: Johannes Tito-Göhlich
Make-Up: Melanie Schöne (Nina Klein)
Styling: Suni Hoffmann  (Nina Klein)

July 2019 / N° 18250

Magazine: Vogue Arabia

Make-Up: Kate Mur

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Dan Beleiu

July 2019 / N° 18249

Client: Carlsberg

Project: lifeytyle campaign

Photography: Mikkel Bache

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

July 2019 / N° 18248

Project: In my mind

Magazine: Traffic

Photography: Tobias Wirth


Hair Make-Up: Chrissie Moissl
Styling: Christina van Zon
Model: Samira Mahoub (Model Management)

July 2019 / N° 18247

Client: Soccerbible / Nike Football

Photography + Post Production: Tim Adorf

represented by: Claudia Bitzer

Player: Toni Duggan

July 2019 / N° 18246

Magazine: Brigitte MOM, Germany

Photography: Keith Schofield

represented by: Traska Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Agnesha Kollien

Moel: Noe P. (4Play Model Management)

Production: Katja Sachse

July 2019 / N° 18245

Product: Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Magazine: The Road Rat

Photography: James Marcus Haney

represented by: Emeis Deubel

Model: Albert Hammond Jr.

July 2019 / N° 18244

Client: Christophorus

Project: Porsche Talks

Agency: C3, Germany

Photography: Bernd Kammerer

Models: Herbert Linge, Peter Falk,
Harald Wagner, Hans Mezger,
Post Production: Bernd Kammerer

July 2019 / N° 18243

Product: BFF 50th anniversary exhibition

Project: Your signature - Das bleibt

Photography: Lars Langemeier

represented by: Anette Blase

July 2019 / N° 18242

Client: A.R.T. | ISTRIA Tourist Board

Project: Chef Jeffrey Vella

Photography: Günter Standl

July 2019 / N° 18241

Photography: Bernd Opitz

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Gabriella Opitz

Production: North South Productions

Models: Jess Adamson, Gerhardt Fourie

July 2019 / N° 18240

Project: new romance

Magazine: Burda Style, Germany

Photography: Nicole Neumann

represented by: Hille Photographers

Creative Direction + Styling: Lauren DeYoung
Hair Make-Up: Sabine Oberhuber
Location Lanzarote

July 2019 / N° 18239

Client: VISA

Photography: Sven Jacobsen

Art Production: WE LOVE artbuying

July 2019 / N° 18238

Client: Fahrengold

Photography: Thomas Schorn

represented by: Banrap

July 2019 / N° 18237

Project: 'Ärztekittel'

Magazine: Focus Gesundheit

Art Buying: Irmi Fezer

Photography: Steffen Jahn

July 2019 / N° 18236

Client: O2

Photography: Cecil Arp

represented by: Emeis Deubel

Styling: Marcell Naubert

represented by: Bigoudi

Hair Make-Up: Eva Dieckhoff

represented by: Bigoudi

July 2019 / N° 18235

Product: personal work

Photography: Stefanie Andersson

represented by: Andrea Heberger

Models: Hannah Hepworth (le management)

July 2019 / N° 18234

Client: Katharina Hovmann

Product: taffeta blouse

Hair Make-Up: Claudia Wegener-Bracht

Photography: Monika Fabig

July 2019 / N° 18233

Photography: Volker Wenzlawski

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

July 2019 / N° 18232

Client: BZgA

Product: educational campaign

Project: HPV vaccination

Photography: Tomas Rodriguez

Styling: Natalia Witschke (Nina Klein)

July 2019 / N° 18231

Client: Höffner

Styling: Julius Forgo

represented by: Basics

Hair Make-Up: Katharina Handel

represented by: Basics

Photography: Christian Fritsch

July 2019 / N° 18230

Magazine: Elle, Serbia

Photography: Fernando Gomez

represented by: Rockenfeller & Göbels

Hair Make-Up: Rosa Matilla
Styling: RL Jewel
Model: Jenny Sever (Trend Model Management)

July 2019 / N° 18229

Client: HADAG

Models: Christian, Kai, Constanze, Karin,

Barbara, Heino: elbmodels

Photography: David Goltz

July 2019 / N° 18228

Client: Huber Bodywear

Photography: Eric Frideen

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Hair Make-Up: Evangelos Tzimikas

July 2019 / N° 18227

Client: Skoda

Product: Superb

Photography: Thomas Motta

represented by: UPFRONT

Agency: Fallon Prague
Art Direction: Ales Kolaja
Production: Michael Tet Fong (arc365)
Post Production: Akcent Prague