February 2019 / N° 17547

Magazine: Vogue, Ukraine

Photography: Fernando Gomez

represented by: Rockenfeller & Göbels

Director: Julie Pelipas
Hair: Miguel Martin
Make-Up: Julia Laza
Model: Tatiana Korsakova

February 2019 / N° 17546

Product: Photos from another world

Photography: Lars Langemeier

represented by: Anette Blase

Styling: Das wahre Leben

February 2019 / N° 17545

Client: Hyundai

Product: Palisade

Photography: The Scope

Agency: Innocean, USA
Art Direction: Charlie Ashby
Creative Direction: Scott Muckenthaler

February 2019 / N° 17544

Client: Carhartt WIP

Styling: Paul Maximilian Schlosser

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Luis Alberto Rodriguez

February 2019 / N° 17543

Project: Feel it!

Photography: Maren Richter

represented by: Andrea Heberger

February 2019 / N° 17542

»Spec Film Fragrance« by Christian Stoll

represented by: BRANSCH EUROPE


February 2019 / N° 17541

Client: Bastei Lübbe

Product: CD cover

Project: Armin Rohde is reading 'Pferdejäger'

Photography: Tomas Rodriguez

Hair Make-Up: Monika Michalik

February 2019 / N° 17540

Client: Audi AG

Product: The all-new full electric Audi e-tron

Project: international catalogue artwork

Photography: Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch

Post Production: [zerone]

Production: WIDE Production, Frithjof Ohm & Pretzsch

Styling: Jac Ziesmer
Hair Make-Up: Agnesha Kollien, Felippa Schaller
Agency: thjnk, Germany
Art Direction: Vita-Victoria Lubinsen
Creative Direction: Roman Geoffrey Lukowski

February 2019 / N° 17539

Magazine: Barbara, Germany

Photography: Benno Kraehahn

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

Set Styling + Costume:  Nici Theuerkauf

Hair Make-Up: Matthias Klemenz
Art Direction: Katja Zanabi
Photo Editor: Sybille Scharmann
Model: Barbara Schöneberger

February 2019 / N° 17538

Client: Genesis

Product: Genesis G90

Photography: Kai-Uwe Gundlach

Production: WIDE Production

Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Germany
Art Direction: Nico Witwicki
Creative Direction: Rico Noel

February 2019 / N° 17537

Project: Merle

Photography: Kathrin Makowski

represented by: Klein Photographen

Hair Make-Up: Arzu Kücük
Model: Merle Gerhardy (Tune Models)

February 2019 / N° 17536

Project: Moments / Matthias Brandt

Photography: Arne Lesmann

February 2019 / N° 17535

Client: Casio

Photography: Tabea Mathern

represented by: UPPERORANGE

Hair Make-Up: Ana Buvinic

represented by: Basics

February 2019 / N° 17534

Project: McLaren Speedtail

Magazine: Robb Report, Germany

Photography: Robert Grischek

represented by: Klein Photographen

February 2019 / N° 17533

Client: Siemens AG

Product: Innovation Lab

Photography: Malte Jäger


Styling: Suni Hoffmann (Nina Klein)

Hair Make-Up: Katharina Handel

represented by: Basics

Prop Styling: Barbara Ertl
Post Production: PX1
Models: Ninja, Jonathan (Fangfrisch),
Morihide, Amani (Ostwestring)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Executive Creative Direction: Tom Berger

February 2019 / N° 17532

Client: Lufthansa

Photography: Lars Ranek

represented by: STILLSTARS

Styling: Monica Cetti
Food Styling: Peter Munck

February 2019 / N° 17531

Client: Hyundai

Product: Hyundai Elantra

Agency: Innocean Worldwide

Post Production: Albert Bauer Companies

Photography: c Quadrat

February 2019 / N° 17530

Project: Interview Joschka Fischer

Magazine: Greenpeace Magazin

Photography: Thorsten Futh

represented by: FARIYAL KENNEL

February 2019 / N° 17529

Client: Volkswagen

Product: VW T-Roc

Agency: Grabarz & Partner

Photography: Thomas Schorn

represented by: Banrap

February 2019 / N° 17528

Client: Silhouette

Project: d.signwerk

Photography: Mario Schmolka

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Hair Make-Up: Ben Mayer
Model: Marion Pascale (M4 Models)
Production: New Moon Production

February 2019 / N° 17527

Client: BMW

Project: Corporate Aftersales campaign

Agency: Hillert und Co.

Photography: Edisonga

represented by: NERGER M&O

February 2019 / N° 17526

Photography: Günter Standl

February 2019 / N° 17525

Client: Michael Kors

Project: SS19 campaign

Model: Timo Baumann (IZAIO Management)

Photography: David Sims

February 2019 / N° 17524

Client: Photo 18

Project: Fake Reality Exhibition

Art Direction + Photography: Anja Frers

February 2019 / N° 17523

Photography: Sébastien Staub

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

Project: Range Rover Velar

CGI on the Range Rover & backplate photos in
Tenerife, Spain.

February 2019 / N° 17522

Project: 100|200 Thomas Imbusch

Magazine: B-EAT

Photography: David Maupilé

Picture Editor: Martina Raabe

February 2019 / N° 17521

Client: DHL

Project: pool shooting

Agency: Strichpunkt

Photography: Bernd Opitz

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Gabriella Opitz

Post Production: Studio Opitz

Hair Make-Up: Monica Lee
Production: East West Production
Models: DHL employees

February 2019 / N° 17520

Client: Fisher's Loft Hotel

Photography: Nina Struve

Post Production: Ruth Plein
Architects: Krause Schreck Partnerschaft

February 2019 / N° 17519

Client: Porsche AG

Product: Porsche 911, Porsche Macan

Project: Porsche Leipzig

Photography: Marc and David

represented by: SCHIERKE COM/

Post Production: Stefan Eisele

Agency: KeKo, Germany
Art Direction: Torsten Birk-Schöps

February 2019 / N° 17518

Client: Aperol

Agency: Scholz & Friends

Photography: Christian Doppelgatz

represented by: UPFRONT

February 2019 / N° 17517

Client: Barmer

Product: Campus Coach

Styling: Fabiana Vardaro

represented by: Basics

Hair Make-Up: Saskia Krause

represented by: Basics

Model: Heino (elbmodels)

Photography: Klaus Mellenthin
Agency: Full Moon Communication, Germany
Creative Direction: Sam Heintz, Charlotte Kramer

February 2019 / N° 17516

Client: Daimler Fleetboard

Post Production: PIXOLOGY

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
Art Direction: Lina Borchmann
Creative Direction: Dennis Mensching

February 2019 / N° 17515

Client: Berliner Sparkasse

Photography: Tobias Schult

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

Hair Make-Up: Agnes Olszanski
Styling: Neves Schander
Agency: Sparkassen-Finanzportal
Creative Direction: Sonja Rehm

February 2019 / N° 17514

Client: Scotland Hills

Product: Beef

Photography: Ian Blasshofer

February 2019 / N° 17513

Project: Audi RS5 CGI Video & Still

Photography + Supervision: Thilo Sicheneder

CGI + Post Production: PX2


February 2019 / N° 17512

Client: Tom Tailor

Art Production & Casting: WE LOVE artbuying

Photography: Sina Görtz

February 2019 / N° 17511

Client: Freunde fürs Leben e.V.

Project: Diana Doku

Photography: Darius Ramazani

Art Direction: Jule Roschlau


February 2019 / N° 17510

Client: Sport Schuster

Project: Winter catalogue 2018/19

Agency: Zeichen & Wunder

Photography: Christian Brecheis

Make-Up: Christel Thoresen
Styling: Alexandra Dietl (Agentur Rouge)

February 2019 / N° 17509

Client: Porsche AG

Project: R Gruppe

Photography: Frank Kayser

Art Direction: Marco Brinkmann

February 2019 / N° 17508

Photography: Misha Vetter

represented by: FARIYAL KENNEL

Client: Carloft
Interior Design: Upscale Spaces Berlin

February 2019 / N° 17507

Client: Stihl

Project: catalogue

Photography: Rasmus Kaessmann

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Agency: Publicis Pixelpark, Erlangen
Creative Direction: Stefan Neumaier

February 2019 / N° 17506

Project: Robert Stadlober

Photography: Marcus Höhn

Make-Up: Franziska Dominick

February 2019 / N° 17505

Project: Glam Glow

Magazine: L'Officiel, Austria

Photography: Anja Boxhammer

represented by: Hille Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Ina Cierniak (Nina Klein)

Styling: Adelaida Cue Bär
Model: Ustyna Drul (MD-Management)
Post Production: Studio Reuter

February 2019 / N° 17504

Client: Möbelhaus Höffner

Styling: Julius Forgo

represented by: Basics

Grooming: Katharina Handel

represented by: Basics

Photography: Isa Lachmann

February 2019 / N° 17503

Client: Impressionen

Agency: Schmidtlike, Germany

Styling: Ilka Teige-Zuzak

Photography: Volker Trost

February 2019 / N° 17502

Project: »A Beautiful Grey Day«

Magazine: KINDA Magazine

Photography: Alexandra Klever

Post Production: Sevengreen

Art Direction: Irma Kubala
Hair Make-Up: Magdalena Wlodarkiewicz
Styling: Petra Vogel
Model: Wieland (Allkinds)

February 2019 / N° 17501

Project: Wineyard Vall Llach, Priorat (Catalonia)

Magazine: FINE Weinmagazin

Publisher: Tre Torri Verlag

Photography: Marco Grundt

Art Direction: Guido Bittner

February 2019 / N° 17500

Client: Volkswagen

Photography: Bernd Westphal

represented by: STILLSTARS

Styling: Nina Lemm (Liganord)

February 2019 / N° 17499

Client: Startercenter NRW

Project: real entrepreneurs

Agency: Publicis

Photography: Christopher Koch

represented by: Traska Photographers

Styling: Pinny Daniel

Hair Make-Up: Claudia Wegener-Bracht

February 2019 / N° 17498

Magazine: Schön!

Photography: Rachel Schraven

represented by: Andrea Heberger

Make-Up: Yvonne Nusdorfer
Styling: Babette Tielrooij
Models: Femke Lakenman

February 2019 / N° 17497

Client: Alvin Leung

Project: »My Hong Kong«

Photography: René Riis

represented by: UPFRONT

Food Styling: Alvin Leung aka The Demon Chef

February 2019 / N° 17496

Magazine: Rakes Progress Magazine

Styling: Natalie Olenheim

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Johan Nilsson