May 2018 / N° 16446

Project: Stadt, Land, Flucht

Magazine: Walden

Publisher: Gruner + Jahr

Photography: Kolja Schoepe

Models: Manuel, Helge, Malte

May 2018 / N° 16445

Client: Born Shoes

Project: Campaign Spring/Summer 2018

Photography: Blasius Erlinger

represented by: Hille Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Gunnar Schendera

Styling: Tina Macgill
Production: Aquasol Productions

May 2018 / N° 16444

Photography + Set Design: Studio Likeness

represented by: Klaus Stiegemeyer

May 2018 / N° 16443

Magazine: Stern Mode-Supplement

Photography: Christian Borth

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Styling: Annika Schmeding

May 2018 / N° 16442

Photography: Peter Hönnemann

Model: Hilde Hönnemann

May 2018 / N° 16441

Client: Lincoln Motor Company

Product: Lincoln Aviator

Project: The Lincoln Aviator Prototype

Photography: Tobias Hutzler

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

May 2018 / N° 16440

Magazine: L'Officiel Hommes

Make-Up: Anna Neugebauer

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Davit Giorgadze

May 2018 / N° 16439

Product: Jan Kath Design

Project: Documentation

Photography: Lars Langemeier

represented by: Anette Blase

Text: Simone Heuberger

May 2018 / N° 16438

Project: Red Lips

Photography: Sandrine & Michael

represented by: Andrea Heberger

Model: Ivy Watson

May 2018 / N° 16437

Project: Tim Lobinger

Magazine: Stern, Germany

Photography: Frank Bauer

Art Direction: Frances Uckermann
Hair Make-Up: Max Roman

May 2018 / N° 16436

Client: the-input

Photography: Anne Deppe

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

Styling: Nici Theuerkauf

May 2018 / N° 16435

Client: Armani

Product: Armani Glasses

Photography: Serge Guerand

represented by: Klein Photographen

May 2018 / N° 16434

Project: Lüneburger Heide

Photography: Volker Wenzlawski

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

May 2018 / N° 16433

Client: Vegan Goodlife

Hair Make-Up: Gabrielle Theurer

represented by: Basics

Photography: Brix and Maas

May 2018 / N° 16432

Client: TÜV Rheinland

Photography: Dominik Obertreis

May 2018 / N° 16431

Client: Kärcher

Project: Mission Impossible

Agency: JvM Neckar, Germany

Art Buying: Karen Blome

Creative Direction: Andreas Jeutter

Photography: Klaus Merz

represented by: Klein Photographen

Hair Make-Up: Peggy Kurka (Liganord)

Styling: Sue Dietz (Liganord), Pinny Daniel
Post Production: Marcus Widmann (JvM Neckar)

May 2018 / N° 16430

Client: Actress Athena Strates

Photography: Alexander Zuber

represented by: FARIYAL KENNEL

May 2018 / N° 16429

Client: Müller Milch

Product: Yoghurt

Project: Yummy Fruits

Photography + Post Production: Hyperactive Studio

represented by: Andrea Heberger

May 2018 / N° 16428

Client: Schweppes

Product: Fruity

Agency: weigertpirouzwolf

Photography: Jörg Kritzer

May 2018 / N° 16427

Client: Alfa Romeo

Product: Competizione & Spyder

Project: Geneva Motor Show

Photography: Benjamin Pichelmann

represented by: SCHIERKE COM/

Digital Support: CURVE RIDERS

Agency: Fore, Italia
Art Direction: M. Manchini
Production: AD Production / Renata
Post Production: M.Rossino

May 2018 / N° 16426

Project: Simon Brunner, Barkeeper

Photography: Günter Standl

May 2018 / N° 16425

Client: Migros

Photography: Brita Sönnichsen

represented by: NERGER M&O

May 2018 / N° 16424

Project: Lamborghini Super Trofeo

Photography: Joscha Kinstner

May 2018 / N° 16423

Client: Evonik Industries

Project: BVB sponsoring campaign

Photography: Sven Heinrich

represented by: Double T Photographers

Production: WE LOVE artbuying

Agency: KNSK
Art Direction: Caroline Schnell
Art Buying: Katrin Wolf

May 2018 / N° 16422

Project: Actors portraits

Photography: Stefan Freund

represented by: Gunda Patzke

Make-Up: Thorsten Joffroy
Models: Susanne Schäfer, Michael Schütz

May 2018 / N° 16421

Client: Volkswagen AG

Agency: Grabarz & Partner

CGI + Photography: Brain by Tom Grammerstorf

represented by: Kai Tietz

Production: Cape Town Productions
Hair Make-Up: Yuki Shoji
Post Production: Holger Egbers & Markus Behrens

May 2018 / N° 16420

Client: Arvato

Agency: Castenow

Photography: Martin Bühler

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

May 2018 / N° 16419

Client: Mediamarkt, Switzerland

Project: Sigi's WM Anpfiff

Photography: Rasmus Kaessmann

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Post Production: PX2

Production: Daniel Dormeyer
Agency: Zum roten Hirschen, Germany
Creative Direction: Marcus Feil
Hair Make-Up: Davide Asquini
Styling: Alexandra Kruse

May 2018 / N° 16418

Client: Nahverkehr Westfalen-Lippe

Model: Heino (elbmodels)

Photography: Emanuel Bloedt

May 2018 / N° 16417

Client: Škoda

Project: 4x4 Winter Range

Agency: Fallon, Prague

Photography: Thomas Motta

represented by: UPFRONT

CGI + Post Production: PIXOLOGY

May 2018 / N° 16416

Client: Next

Project: Morocco

Photography: Beatrice Heydiri

represented by: Karina Bednorz Fotografen

Styling: Tracey Jacob
Hair Make-Up: Andrea Smith
Production: France Production

May 2018 / N° 16415

Project: Detroit

Photography: Jörg Rothhaar

Hair Make-Up: Danielle van Cuyk
Styling: Shelly Rankin (Sixlove Artist Management)
Models: Coral Swindells (The SquadManagement),
Daniel Lotz
Production: Chey Rouge
Thanx to: Waldo & Ivan, Detroit

May 2018 / N° 16414

Client: Ladival

Product: Sunscreen

Photography: Miriam Lindthaler


Agency: WEFRA Classic
Creative Direction: Marc-Alexander Beutel
Art Buying: Anke Schroth
Hair Make-Up: Inez Paolini
Styling: Mine Uludag (Uschi Rabe)

May 2018 / N° 16413

Client: Trigema

Project: FS2018

Photography: Seifert Uebler

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Production: North South Productions

May 2018 / N° 16412

Client: Ralf Schmitt - presenter & author

Magazine: Extended, Das Magazin der 5 Sterne Redner

Photography: Marco Grundt

May 2018 / N° 16411

Agency: Territory

Magazine: Audi Magazin

Photography: Volker Lammers

May 2018 / N° 16410

Photography: Matthias Wehofsky

represented by: Julia Waldmann

Hair Make-Up: Franziska Sonnabend
Styling: Stephanie Franzius
Models: Aqhama, Lousie (My Friend Ned Agency)

May 2018 / N° 16409

Client: Studio Oliver Gustav

Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt

represented by: STILLSTARS

May 2018 / N° 16408

Magazine: Ein000 Magazine

Photography: Tobias Wirth


Hair Make-Up: Katharina Handel

represented by: Basics

May 2018 / N° 16407

Client: Schüco

Photography: Markus Altmann

Set Design: Anna Nizio

represented by: Bigoudi

May 2018 / N° 16406

Project: IWC Legend Kurt Klaus

Magazine: Revolution Magazine

Photography: Sandro Baebler

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

May 2018 / N° 16405

Project: »Aufschlag X« exhibition

Photography: Sonja Hofmann

Paper Art: Meike Graf & Sonja Hofmann

May 2018 / N° 16404

Project: personal work

Photography + Supervision: Thilo Sicheneder

CGI + Post Production: Gloss

May 2018 / N° 16403

Project: Marie Bäumer

Magazine: Emotion

Hair Make-Up: Saskia Krause

represented by: Basics

Photography: Bella Lieberberg

May 2018 / N° 16402

Client: Dornbracht

Project: VAIA Collage

Photography: Thomas Popinger

represented by: STILLSTARS

Styling: Nici Theuerkauf

May 2018 / N° 16401

Client: Nike

Styling: Paul Maximilian Schlosser

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: David Daub

May 2018 / N° 16400

Client: Prego

Photography: Per Kasch

represented by: Severin:Wendeler

Agency: Republica AG,
Art Direction: Alexandra Nearchou
Creative Direction: Peter Rettinghausen
Production: Lina Baumann
Post Production: rawkitchen

May 2018 / N° 16399

Client: Union Investment

Project: Grand Central Saint-Lazare Paris

Agency: C3 Creative Code and Content

Photography: David Maupilé

May 2018 / N° 16398

Magazine: Luna

Photography: Beatrice Heydiri

represented by: Karina Bednorz Fotografen

Make-Up: Melissa Van Zyl
Styling: Karen Lebrati
Art Direction: Natasscha Girelli
Production: Frank Production

May 2018 / N° 16397

Client: Tag Heuer

Project: #DontCrackUnderPressure

Photography: Michael Munique

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Hair Make-Up: Sina Stölzle
Production: Agentur Neubauer Prod. GmbH
Post Production: Ramona Reuter
Set Building: Peter Böck

May 2018 / N° 16396

Client: Silhouette

Photography: Mario Schmolka

represented by: Sonja Heintschel

Creative Direction: d.signwerk
Hair Make-Up: Wolfgang Lindenhofer
Models: Angela Ruiz (Model Management),
Jason Morgan (Kult Models)

May 2018 / N° 16395


Product: Dairy Products

Project: Funny Clouds

Photography: Rune Bendiksen

represented by: Andrea Heberger

May 2018 / N° 16394

Client: Mercedes-Benz Accessories

Product: More Magazin

Agency: Scholz & Friends

Photography: Manu Agah

May 2018 / N° 16393

Client: Quest Air Services

Project: Brand relaunch

Photography: Markus Esser

Agency: Helder Brand Design
Creative Direction: Maurits den Held,
Dr. Birgit Joest, Dr. Lutz Meyer (Fullberry)
Hair Make-Up: Kristina Wagener
Styling: Jessica Klimach (Nina Klein)

May 2018 / N° 16392

Client: DFL

Project: Manuel Baum

Magazine: DFL Magazin

Publisher: Territory Content to Result, Germany

Photography: Enno Kapitza

Art Direction: Matthäus Gorny

May 2018 / N° 16391

Client: Daimler AG

Photography: Cem Guenes


Agency: Panama
Art Direction: Nicolas Schurr, Catrin Vogt
Creative Direction: Emile Stoverinck
Hair Make-Up: Alba Brari
Styling: Mine Uludag (Uschi Rabe)
Models: Brodybookings, Everyday People
Production: Arne Hartenburg

May 2018 / N° 16390

Client: Volkswagen

Product: VW Passat GTE & Passat Variant GTE

Agency: DDB Berlin, behind the scenes

Photography: Oliver Paffrath

represented by: Kai Tietz

Post Production: [zerone]

Styling: Jacqueline Ziesmer
Hair Make-Up: Ana Anton
Production: Kai Tietz Produktion, Seaquist A Company

May 2018 / N° 16389

Photography: Torsten Ruppert

represented by: Gudrun Hamann Productions

Hair Make-Up: Ina Cierniak, Gaye Hiette, Dennis Brandt
Models: Renata Gubaeva, Tanya Reutt, Anna Zotova,
Bruna Bartoli, Ariane Norbel

May 2018 / N° 16388

Client: Eurowings

Agency: LLR

Photography: Neumann und Rodtmann

represented by: SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN

Styling: Gisela Benzenberg

Hair Make-Up: Nicole Gnauck

Hair Make-Up: Isabella Faraj

Models: Thomsen, Procast, Everydaypeople,
Wanted, Brüderchen und Schwesterchen, Wondercast

May 2018 / N° 16387

Client: Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg

Creative Direction: Alex Hesslein

Photography: Murat Aslan

represented by: UPFRONT

May 2018 / N° 16386

Client: Ford

Product: New Ford Focus 2018

Photography: Stefan Viehbacher

Agency: GTB Content Haus
Creative Direction: Richard Last, Christian Rolfes
Production: Toni Palés (Insituloc)
Post Production: Jochen Starz (Bright Studio)

May 2018 / N° 16385

Client: Lieblingsmesser, Torsten Nitzsche

Product: Handmade Knifes

Creative Direction + Photography: Jörn Rynio

represented by: Katrin Nehlsen

May 2018 / N° 16384

Client: RTL

Project: Das Joshua Profil

Photography: Benno Kraehahn

represented by: Hauser Fotografen

Models: Torben Liebrecht, Inez Bjorg David

May 2018 / N° 16383

Client: Daimler AG

Product: New Sprinter

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski

Photography: Oliver Paffrath

represented by: Kai Tietz

CGI + Post Production: PIXOLOGY

May 2018 / N° 16382

Client: Laurence Leleux

Product: Hats

Photography: Katja Velmans

represented by: FARIYAL KENNEL

Hair Make-Up: Sandra Ruelke

May 2018 / N° 16381

Client: abro

Photography: Julia Blank

represented by: FARIYAL KENNEL

Hair Make-Up: Rachel Teubert
Styling: Carmen Stahl
Model: Myrtille (Le Management)

May 2018 / N° 16380

Client: Food Book 2018

Photography: Jeroen van der Spek

represented by: STILLSTARS

Styling: Maaike Koorman

May 2018 / N° 16379

Project: Formula 1, Nico Rosberg & Timo Glock

Photography: Robert Grischek

represented by: Klein Photographen

Post Production: Piquee

Creative Direction: Heiko Theuerkauf
Styling: Maureen De Coven

May 2018 / N° 16378

Project: Pop Art Beauty

Photography: Det Kempke

represented by: Double T Photographers

Hair Make-Up + Styling: Magdalena Wlodarkiewicz (Blossom)
Post Production: Krystina Woldanowski
Model: Marlene (Pars Management)

May 2018 / N° 16377

Client: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Project: Key Visuals 2018

Photography: Maxim Schulz

May 2018 / N° 16376

Project: The Weitz Effect

Magazine: Plaza Uomo

Photography: Daniel Sahlberg

represented by: Andrea Heberger

Styling: Andrew Weitz, Neda Rouhani

May 2018 / N° 16375

Client: Another A

Project: Campaign 2018

Photography: Anja Boxhammer

represented by: Hille Photographers

Hair Make-Up: Ina Cierniak (Nina Klein)

Styling: Christiane Graf (Nina Klein)
Model: Olena Kets (TMF Models Oslo)

May 2018 / N° 16374

Client: C&A

Product: XL

Production: 70seven

Agency: MBS
Art Direction: Andrea Dujmovic
Photography: Kristina Voit
Styling: Romina Schenone
Models: Celine Denefleh, Orcin

May 2018 / N° 16373

Client: Leica

Project: Leica Q Illuminated

Photography: Tomaso Baldessarini

represented by: Kelly Kellerhoff

May 2018 / N° 16372

Client: Otto

Art Production: WE LOVE artbuying

May 2018 / N° 16371

Client: Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus DZT

Photography: Günter Standl

May 2018 / N° 16370

Project: Lotti

Photography: Philipp Rathmer

represented by: Klein Photographen

Art Direction: Cris Sebiger-Bertram
Hair Make-Up: Manuela Degelmann
Styling: Dagmar Hanneger
Model: Lotti

May 2018 / N° 16369

Client: Christine Lutz

Project: Halfway to the Soul

Post Production: Gloss

Model: Barbara (elbmodels)

Photography: Christine Lutz
Hair Make-Up: Frauke Bergemann-Gorski
Styling: Katrin Kohlstedt

May 2018 / N° 16368

Client: Deka

Agency: Scholz & Friends

Art Buying: Kerstin Mende

Art Direction: Alexandra Wanke

Photography: Heiko Richard

represented by: NERGER M&O

Styling: Minja Tent, Tanja Rose
Hair Make-Up: Tricia Le Hanne
Post Production: Vivid Grey

May 2018 / N° 16367

Client: Schuhkay

Photography: Bernd Opitz

represented by: Agentur Neubauer

Styling: Gabriella Opitz

Hair Make-Up: Anne Henrichsen

represented by: Bigoudi

Agency: Rickert Markenagentur, Germany
Art Direction: Svenja Sperhake
Models: Georg, Geriet, Berit, Marianne
(Mattmüller Casting), Jan Deik, Mascha
Production: Bert & Brecht

May 2018 / N° 16366

Magazine: Jute Magazine

Hair: Andreas Schönagel

represented by: Bigoudi

Photography: Lucia Arana